Detox to get your body ready for the festive season!

Thursday, October 12, 2017
detox to get your body ready for the festive season!

We Indians find an excuse to celebrate all year round, but come October, and there is a different vibe altogether that fills the air! As we move closer to the end of the year, we have a ton of reasons to get festive – whether it’s worshipping the Goddesses during Navratri, adorning our homes with diyas on Diwali or preparing for the much awaited ‘wedding season’! It’s just party time, one after the other!

While enjoying festivities and get-togethers is truly a source of joy, it’s not exactly a merry time for our bodies! Erratic time schedules, odd meal hours, overload of sweets, excessive snacking and alcohol intake could make any fitness enthusiast cringe. This festive season is definitely a time when we tend to lose track of our eating, drinking, and fitness habits, and that’s what needs to change! 

Who hasn’t indulged themselves in a mouth-watering Navratri thali? After all, it’s all part of the festivities, right? Or the overload of sweets when the festivities come to a conclusion? Here are some tips to give your body a much needed detox post Navratri and get you ready to celebrate a healthy Diwali, one that your body will thank you for, later!

Towards the end of the festive season, a lot of us are left with bloating and excess fat. While we may not be able to control our festive temptations and tend to eat a lot of fried, oily, and sweet foods, a detox becomes a must pre and post festivals. So prepare yourself with these Dos and Don’ts of detox:

Choose a detox day: Go for a ‘detox day’ once in a week or once in a fortnight. Either way, you want to be sure you don’t go longer than 2 consecutive days.

Remember the rules: When you engage in a detox plan, you are limited to fruits, Sautéed/stir fried or boiled vegetables or green leafy vegetables in cooked form. And yes, lay off the sweets!

Dump the caffeine: Avoid coffee and caffeinated teas at all costs, they will only create more acidity in your body. Switch to teas instead like green tea, chamomile tea or other herbal teas. Replace milk with buttermilk or curd.

Stick to to fruits, sautéed/stir fried or boiled vegetables on your 'detox day'

Snack healthy: Keep raw nuts such as almonds or cashews handy to snack on, to avoid your blood sugar levels dropping too low.

Hydrate: Avoid alcohol, canned juices and aerated drinks.Instead,stock up onfreshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, coconut water and plenty of plain water to stay hydrated.

Don’t miss the workout: Festivities do not mean skimping on exercise or postponing your visit to the gym. Eating up and shedding those calories go hand in hand. Aim to exercise for 45 minutes daily because diet and exercise go hand in hand. Whether it is walking, jogging, Zumba or dancing; anything that makes you sweat it out, do it!

The Bottom Line
There is no harm in indulging in the things you love, but what kills the fun for your body is doing it in excess. As long as you have the reigns in your hands, and know when to say NO, you can have a super, guilt-free time this Diwali, without losing out on your health! This festive season, set an example; embrace fitness and spend time with your family and loved ones, the healthy way!


The writer is a fitness coach with Obino, a health and weight-loss  coaching app 

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