The Nasofilters that can protect you from air pollution for Rs 10 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
the nasofilters that can protect you from air pollution for rs 10 
Prateek Sharma (R) with the other two co-founders

Ten-year-old Ananya Maikhuri has allergic asthma, which gets triggered when she is exposed to pollution or dust. Face mask helps her to an extent, but she finds wearing it quite cumbersome.

A latest innovation by IITians  Delhi and their professors have brought relief to Ananya. Their new easy-to-wear Nasofilters, a small membrane-like filter which sticks to the nostrils, is made up of a special type of polymers using nanotechnology. The filter, they say, prevents up to 90 percent PM2.5 (particulate matter under 2.5 micrometers in diameter) and 95 percent of PM10 from getting into the lungs through the nose.

Ananya and her younger sister wear nasofilters when they go out. It is hardly noticeable  

Prateek Sharma, 25, a civil engineer from IIT Delhi and his two classmates Tushar Vyas and Jatin Kelwani, along with professors at the textile engineering department, started working on the filters three years back. Prateek initiated the project to help his mother, an asthma patient. "A lot of people find facial masks suffocating. I wanted t make something, which is comfortable and effective," says Prateek.

So, how does this filter, -- a patented product - work? "It is a simple process-- when you inhale, the filters block the pollution particles from entering the nose and when you exhale the particles that got stuck on the outer surface of the membrane get removed,” says Sharma. “ The filter lasts 10 hours and costs only 10 rupees. We have tested it on a lot of people suffering from asthma and allergies," says Sharma.


Pollution level in Indian cities is increasing by the day. Vehicular pollution, industrial fumes, construction particles, road-side dust, stubble burning are among the number of factors contributing to it. Till the time, the government comes up with a plan to control the pollution levels, people have no choice but to look for protective wears.

After Nasofilters, Prateek and his team have developed a net that can prevent pollution particles from entering the house. These nets can be fixed on the windows and doors and would last 5-6 years.

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