Avg daily Covid cases hits 5,500

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
avg daily covid cases hits 5,500

About 34000 hospitals across the country took part in the two-day long covid mock drill to see the preparedness. According to the data shared by the Union Ministry of Health, the daily cases of covid have risen to 5500 from 3108 last week.


Health facilities in 724 districts participated in the mock drill on Monday and Tuesday to see the preparedness of the hospitals to handle severe cases of covid. These healthcare facilities were checked for the availability of oxygen cylinders, isolation beds, ventilators, and oxygen concentrators. PSA plants, etc.


The government has issued an advisory on using covid-appropriate behaviour—including wearing masks, hand washing, and avoiding crowds. Some states such as Haryana has made masks mandatory for gathering of over 100. The Mumbai municipal cooperation has also made masks mandatory for patients, their visitors, and so on. Kerela and Puducherry have also strongly advocated for masks.





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