How to have radiant and sparkling eyes

Monday, February 12, 2018
how to have radiant and sparkling eyes

Women have a deep desire to look beautiful and makeup does that, but the makeup kit can be a carrier of viruses as well. You need to be careful about the makeup kit and the equipment you use.

If one does not follow these measures or tips while using eye makeup, there are multiple consequences. Consequences like increased risk of infection, scratches in the eye, irritation in the eyes, allergic reactions, etc. Simple steps can greatly reduce the chances of harming the health

Never use old cosmetic: Eye cosmetics are generally safe materials – as long as one uses them properly. Over time, all kinds of bacteria and fungi can grow in these kits and little cosmetic packages. These can multiply and can cause damage to your eyes if you continue to use them.
There are some things which one should always take care while using these kits and equipment. Don’t hold onto old makeup – throw it away after a few months. Contaminated eye brushes or liners have the potential of causing sight-threatening infection. 

Don’t dilute your cosmetic: Don’t use mascara that’s dried out and never try to moisten it with water or saliva as it leads to the growth of bacteria which can spread to your eyes. Keep eye cosmetics cool as heat can affect the preservatives leading to breeding of bacteria which can cause infection.

Don’t apply eyeliner in the eyelashes: Avoid applying eyeliner in the eyelashes. Lashes are oily, wax or oily eyeliners can clog these glands leading to styes, irritation and burning sensation in the eyes.

Waterproof eye makeup is not a good idea: Don’t use waterproof mascara, it is difficult to remove and may cause scratches in the cornea.

Keep it personal: Don’t mix and match cosmetics, never share your cosmetics with anyone. One must also check the products before using them. It is very important to test cosmetic products before use because the eye is such a vital part of the human body. 

Say no when there is an infection: Never apply cosmetics if you are recovering from an eye infection. Use only standard high-quality eye make-up products only.Always use eye make up with clean hands as hands may carry infection and may spread to eyes.

Take special care when you wear contact lenses: Makeup can cause a lot of problems for your eyes — especially if you wear contact lenses. Eyes can become dry and irritated, and cosmetics can leave deposits on your lenses, affecting your vision and the comfort of your lenses. So it's important to carefully and gently wash off your eye makeup each night before bed to make sure that your cosmetics don't work their way into your eyes, build up, and cause damage. 

Don’t forget to wash your hands: One also needs to wash their hands properly before removing eye makeup in order to avoid harming them.                           

--The writer is director, Save Sight Centre, Delhi


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