How to keep happy and healthy in winters

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
how to keep happy and healthy in winters

Dr Manisha Gupta, a Chandigarh-based senior physician gives a few tips on what all one should eat and what precautions one should take to make the most of winters.

1.  Check your blood pressure-- People with high blood pressure should regularly check their BP as they might need to get their medicine dose readjusted. In winters, blood vessels constrict because of the cold weather leading to an increase in the blood pressure. Consult your doctor for it. Remember, you should always recheck your blood pressure at the onset of summers.

2. Watch your calories--Most of my patients' blood sugar levels and blood pressure elevate because they increase their calorie and fat intake during this season. Replace sweets with fresh carrot, beetroot, gooseberry juices; boil your leafy vegetables instead of frying them and drink variety of soups to keep yourself warm. Sesame seeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, include them in your meals. You may like to sprinkle some over your salad. 

3. Reduce your tea and coffee intake-- People tend to increase their tea and coffee intake during this season, which leads to acidity and other digestive problems. Make sure you don't take more than two cups of tea a day.

4. Don't forget water-- As you don't feel thirsty in winters, you forget to drink water. But your body needs a lot of water in winters, too. Set an alarm in your mobile and you may drink warm water. 

5. Avoid infections-- Cold, cough and runny nose are common among children as well as adults. The best way to ward off these infections is to maintain personal hygiene and frequent hand washing. You may keep some warm water handy. You may also use hand sanitizers. 

6. Moisturise your skin-- Skin care is very important in this weather. Dry, scaly skin may host infections. Always use warm instead of hot water for bathing and apply moisturisers or coconut oil after bath. 

7. Breathe easy-- Fog aggravates breathing problems and allergic cough. Avoid going out in the mornings and evenings. Take your walk during the day time. Breathe in some steam before going to bed. You may use saline water drops to clean your clogged nose.

8. Don't be sedentary-- There are days in winters when you don't want to move out of your house. In that case walk inside the house or do some indoor exercises. Take a 10-minutes walk after every meal. 


Very good tips

Har dayal arora    2018/01/20 08:52:14

Well this was really helpful! Especially the calorie ones , which do gets elevated at this time of the year

Arunima    2018/01/16 06:00:11

V good articles

Milan Agarwal    2018/01/16 02:10:16

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