Pollution killed over 1 lakh children in India in 2016

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
pollution killed over 1 lakh children in india in 2016
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According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, India recorded the highest number of air-pollution-related deaths in children below 5-years of age. The report 'Air pollution and Child health: Prescribing Clean Air' was released yesterday in Geneva. 

The five leading cause of under-five mortality across the world are premature birth, respiratory disease, complications at the time of child-birth and congenial health problems. 

Around 98 percent children in India are exposed to PM 2.5 level that is way above WHO's annual standard of 25 micrograms per cubic meters. Toxins like sulphate and black carbons can enter the respiratory systems and cardiovascular systems. These toxins make children susceptible to deadly lower-respiratory infections. According to WHO, these infections are more common among low-and-middle income countries.  

More than 50 percent of the children are exposed to pollution caused by burning fossil fuels for cooking, lighting and heating inside the house. 

In its past researches, WHO talked about how mother's exposure to toxic air also leads to birth-related complications. 

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