Restoring India's reputation as a trusted global pharmacy: A call to action

The issue of quality control is one of the major issues that India's pharmaceutical industry is currently facing

Why does the pharmaceutical industry need to strengthen R&D?

The pharmaceutical industry is confronted with a number of challenges, including an increasingly complex regulatory environment, the rising costs

Genetic testing as a tool for an early cancer prevention

Genetic Testing estimates genetic risks or predispositions to various health conditions based on DNA

Budget 2021, a promising step in the long journey for Indian healthcare industry

Within first few months of the lockdown, India demonstrated an unprecedented adaptation by becoming self-reliant in PPE production

A vaccine is a very powerful tool to achieve herd immunity.

Pandemics can be contained only when people become resistant to the disease-causing pathogen.

Challenges faced by the healthcare system in 2020 and lessons learned for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inadequacies in our health infrastructure and lack of preparedness to handle large-scale health emergencies

Protect yourself from both indoor and outdoor Air Pollution

Children, pregnant women and the elderly are more susceptible to the adverse effects of air pollution

Families are the first line of defense in the battle to prevent and manage diabetes

Families that know the signs, symptoms, risks and complications of diabetes are best positioned to prevent the disease and seek medical care to manage it

The government should provide a level playing field to Indian medical device manufacturers

The marketplace is unfortunately skewed where suppliers induce hospitals to buy and push their brands based on profit margins to be made, and not on basis of cost savings

The heart of the matter: dental hygiene and cardiac health

Periodontitis causing bacteria have been discovered in atherosclerotic plaque in clogged arteries in some instances

The challenge and joy of being a fertility specialist

When I decided to be a gynecologist, I was determined to help childless couples in conceiving their own biological child....

Our study is aimed at developing an early diagnosis system for pancreatic cancer

Professor Anthony Maraveyas of the University of Hull talks about his latest research on pancreatic cancer, which will help doctors customise the treatment for patient, im....

A headband to cure Alzheimer's 

The olfactory function can play a key role in regaining consciousness after brain injuries and by stimulating it, one can prevent Alzheimer's Disease. ....

University of Dundee Research aims to solve Neuropathic Pain mysteries

Researchers at the University of Dundee seek to understand the mechanisms driving neuropathic pain and its intensity in patients, which affects appr....

The Yogshala presents the 6th edition Health & Wellness Expo organized by Namo Gange Trust at Pragati Maidan. 

Wellness Industr...