Families are the first line of defense in the battle to prevent and manage diabetes

Families that know the signs, symptoms, risks and complications of diabetes are best positioned to prevent the disease and seek medical care to manage it

The government should provide a level playing field to Indian medical device manufacturers

The marketplace is unfortunately skewed where suppliers induce hospitals to buy and push their brands based on profit margins to be made, and not on basis of cost savings

The heart of the matter: dental hygiene and cardiac health

Periodontitis causing bacteria have been discovered in atherosclerotic plaque in clogged arteries in some instances

Easing the burden of CVD 

More than 80 percent of Indians pay for healthcare out of their own pockets and do not have the necessary insurance

Will Modicare ensure quality healthcare?

While the figure of 5 lacs per family looks impressive, the amount allocated for individual procedures are pathetically low

Universal health coverage: As I understand it

In my medical college, we were taught affordable health care under the subject of low-cost healthcare and we all need to revise this topic

The link between diet and cancer

The food we eat has a major impact on how our bodies gain and utilize nutrients, as well as how well our immune systems function

Why the young generation in India is succumbing to heart diseases

According to the Indian Heart Association, half of the heart attacks occur among Indian under the age of 50

All about high-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training works on a simple concept--go at your body's maximum possible effort for a short period of time and repeat

Meditation can help subside inflammation

Stress which causes emotional pain also induces inflammation and sets off the same chain of events as infection or injury

How I defied the doctors' prognosis and found treatment for an 'incurable' superbug

Doctors in India told me I had only one choice - learn to live with it. But I decided to fight back ....

Innovations are revolutionising healthcare in rural India: Dr Harsh Vardhan

Dr Harsh Vardhan talks about how researchers across the country are  working relentlessly to develop solutions for India's myriad health problems....

The Nasofilters that can protect you from air pollution for Rs 10 

The new easy-to-wear Nasofilters, a small membrane-like filter which sticks to the nostrils, prevents 90 percent pollution particles from getting into the lungs through th....

Diabetes, heart disease and stroke may co-occur

Researchers say that diabetes, heart disease, and stroke may progress from one to another sequentially through the life course. That means there is ....

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