Interview: Mickey Mehta
Equipment-free workout helps you live a longer life: Mickey Mehta
Gunjan Sharma|
Monday, November 12, 2018

Mickey Mehta, the well-known holistic health guru, talks to Gunjan Sharma about his fitness journey, his Yo workouts,  his new equipment-free workout campaign, and how people can deal with the stress and excel in life
You were once a martial arts instructor and a personal trainer, what led to this transition to Yoga.

I was a black belt in Martial arts and was into heavyweight exercise. Twenty-five years back, I joined a nature yoga class, which was a turning point in my life. I read a lot of books on life and philosophy by Osho, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins. It changed the way I looked at wellness.
You emphasize on equipment-free exercise. Why is that, and what kind of response are you getting on this?

The whole equipment-free workout campaign revolves around the philosophy that you are born with a certain number of breaths, and one should try and conserve them for a longer life. Thus, I don't recommend high-intensity workout.

I believe workout should strengthen the entire body systems-- gastric, lymphatic, respiratory and should help synchronise one's biocycle with the cosmic rhythm of the universe.
The response is tremendous. It is a movement that is driving people away from hardcore equipment and towards nature. A run outside in a neighbourhood park, some stretching exercises by the sea, group exercises with friends and family have a positive impact on the body and mind.
What is 'Yo workout'? What are the seven Yos?

Yo workouts are based on the principals of yoga and spirituality. These workouts harmonise the body, the mind, and the spirit.
There are seven Yos --flow yo, stretch yo, card yo, cross yo, strength yo, ab yo, cool yo.

You need to prioritise your health in order to live a good, fulfilling life. Self-love is the highest love and self-discipline helps in achieving your targets in life

What are the benefits?

When we combine the seven Yos in one hour of exercise, it works on the entire body system-- your digestive system, immune system, circulatory system. The Yo workouts are to energise, optimise and maximise strength, flexibility, agility, stamina, immunity, and metabolism.
It is a very organic-form of exercise which doesn't cause any wear-and-tear. It recreates you at a cellular level. It improves attention, response, alertness, and reflexes.

Does it appeal to youngsters?

I have choreographed various postures into a sequence, modifying them in a way that they appeal to the younger generation. The music is also very engaging.
You talk about a very organic lifestyle and workout. Is it possible in this age and time?

Maybe not but the harm can be reduced by following a workout that relaxes and refreshes you. The workout should be such that it relieves you of the physiological stress.    

You need to prioritise your health in order to live a good, fulfilling life. Self-love is the highest love and self-discipline helps in achieving your targets in life. I firmly believe, if you sleep well, exercise regularly and don't waste your time doing futile things, you excel.

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