Green Rising India Alliance to Spearhead Sustainable Development for 50 Million Youth

Wednesday, December 13, 2023
green rising india alliance to spearhead sustainable development for 50 million youth

UNICEF and its global partnerships platform Generation Unlimited (also known as YuWaah in India) have partnered with key organizations committed to working towards a green future for children and young people as a part of the Green Rising India Alliance (GRIA). The alliance consists of YuWaah at UNICEF, Capgemini, Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, ReNew Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and SAP. The GRIA aims to equip 50 million children and young people to become climate conscious, adaptable, and resilient by 2030. 


This coalition is galvanizing private organizations, foundations, youth networks, multilaterals, and the Government of India to unify their commitment to sharing knowledge, efforts, and innovative solutions. The primary goal is to equip young people with the requisite opportunities not only to embrace a climate-conscious mindset but also to foster resilience, thereby enabling them to fully realize their potential. This alliance will further synergize investments, strategic priorities, and portfolios of work to unlock unprecedented opportunities to complement national efforts with the government and young people. 


Dhuwarakha Sriram, Chief of Generation Unlimited in India (YuWaah), Youth Development and Partnerships at UNICEF said, “YuWaah at UNICEF has brought together key stakeholders for the Green Rising India Alliance and through this strategic collaboration we commit to co-creating sustainable and impactful contribution to the urgent cause of climate action. Together, we will nurture youth-led action in India and bring new energy to our collective initiatives to foster innovative and inclusive solutions, at scale to multiply our impact. We recognise the power of young people as the changemakers in combatting Climate Change and supporting Environmental Sustainability and thus we are partnering to further build their potential and create opportunities for and with them to lead on issues that matter the most to them.”


Gautam John, CEO, Rohini Nilekani Foundation, said, “With the Green Rising India Alliance, we recognise that the vibrancy of our planet lies in the hands of our youth. Their energy and vision are vital for fostering environmental sustainability and building resilient communities. Their passion and dedication are the cornerstones of our vision for a resilient and flourishing planet for all.”


The GRIA will enable, empower and engage young people, especially the most vulnerable, with the tools they need to become stewards of our planet through green skills, social impact, and economic opportunities and further partner with youth to co-design and scale transformative environmental initiatives.



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