Opinion: Dr. Mickey Mehta
How to kickstart your fitness Journey in 2024? 
Thursday, December 28, 2023


New Years are symbolic of turning over a new leaf in life. We always associate New Year with doing new things, pursuing new goals, objectives, and accomplishing new talents, skill sets. Also in New Year's, we make pledges to do something about our personalities, about our characters, with self-realization. And most importantly, world over, the biggest New Year pledge is to become healthy, fit, well, and in the state of absolute well-being. So this New Year it shouldn't be anything new, because it is Fitness, health, wellness, and well-being - which is the biggest wealth one could ever acquire.


Invest in this bank of wellness and well-being, and you can keep growing healthy dividends all your life. Beginning from wanting to shape up, beginning from wanting to heal oneself, wanting to become whole again, complete again, vibrant in energy again, radiant in personality again, corrected in character again, are the kind of results we must make. So yes, working out becomes a great way forward, along with conscious breathing when you work out. Adopting a healthier lifestyle of working out once, walking the opposite time, swimming the opposite time, cycling the opposite time, stretching the opposite time and optimal movement therapy, which is more of yoga. Optimal movement therapy will make you grow physiologically, emotionally and psychologically. It reverses our age, reverses our ailments, cellular regeneration happens and it makes sure that we remain disease and ailment free. 


And having gone through so much stress, one can meditate a lot, one can observe silence, go to temples, churches, mosques, and connect with one's own being. Not that you can't connect within yourself, but these environments ensconced in brick and mortar give you the ambience of serenity, tranquility, spiritual vibrancy, and you absorb a lot of energy and come out each time.


Healthy eating is also one very sensible resolve. Without food, the body cannot continue for long.  Because nutrition helps mankind evolve, heal and become whole.  Food that is cleansing in nature, healing in nature, food that is regulating in nature and food that is fortifying in nature.  So, of course, vegetables cleanse you, fruits heal you, nuts, seeds, sprouts, dry fruits fortify you and herbs regulate you. So, eating sensible, intelligent and natural nutrition is very, very important.


Then, at last Resting, Because If activity is important, passivity is also important. In passivity there is repair, restore, revive and rejuvenation. Relaxing more than revelry, piety more than party, exercise more than any other exuberance is very important.


 Dr. Mickey Mehta is a Holistic Health Expert. Views expressed are personal. 


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